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Ice Machine Cleaning in Fort Worth - Dallas

Ice Machine Cleaning Done Right!

Whether you are starting a brand new business, upgrading existing ice machine equipment, or just in need a good thorough ice machine cleaning in your commercial or industrial property, All-Tex Ice is the go-to solution for you!

All-Tex Ice is a well-established, insured, locally-owned business with offices in Fort Worth and Decatur. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional ice machine services, including ice machine cleaning. 

How clean is your ice? A startling study in the UK found that 6 out of 10 restaurants their ice for drinks was contaminated with bacteria levels higher than those found when testing their own toilet water! Unbelievable! How would you like to handle that public relations nightmare!

A common problem found in ice machines is the build-up of scale or lime. These minerals are left behind in the ice machine and accumulate in reservoirs, orifices, water distributors and sensors. Eventually, this causes poor water flow, poor production, and sensor malfunctions, eventually leading to failure of the ice


Ice machines tend to create ideal growing conditions for mold spores and yeast cells. Once they find their way into the cool most areas of the ice machine, they begin to grow into what we see...slime. Descaling and cleaning of the ice making portion should be performed regularly.

Our team at All-Tex ice can keep your ice safe by ensuring your ice machine is cleaned and serviced properly on a regular basis. 

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Keep Your Ice Safe with Thorough Ice Machine Cleaning Services

All-Tex Ice offers professional ice machine cleaning. High quality ice is essential for your restaurant, food and drink establishment, country club, or commercial business.  Don't risk sub-standard cleaning. Contact our team today.